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Hello and welcome, to anyone who comes across this community!

Please, if you have any interest in EDS of any type or all types, or hypermobility syndrome, stick around! :) You don't have to have the condition to join the community. I hope to build this into a good resource for support and research for people who do have EDS and their friends and families, and anyone who's just interested in learning about it.

I wish everyone the very best in dealing with what is a very complicated illness, especially if you are here looking for information because you've just been diagnosed with it. I plan on making a comprehensive link list to sites that provide accurate information about the various types and posting new medical articles I find, or linking to them, in the future. If anyone would like to help me do this for a specific type of EDS - I have hypermobility type without significant crossover features, so I'm not as 'up on' new research for the other types as I am on my own - please let me know, I'd really appreciate the help.

Welcome, and I hope this community can be of use and help to you!

~ Trialia

Details about EDS and HMS, for those who are new to this. )


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